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A breakdown of the latest Hog victory with highlights from WarMachine2013!

Arkansas 86, Missouri 81

  • 0:09- This may seem like a simple basket, but scoring on the first possession is key for Arkansas who has struggled out of the gates
  • 0:55- This is another example of poor perimeter defense from the Razorbacks
  • 1:29- Devo gets caught rotating late and the Hogs give up another open 3 point shot
  • 1:36- Great play by a Jalen Tate and Jaylin Williams to get the back door bucket
  • 2:20- Jaylin Williams continues to impress with a smooth stroke beyond the arc, the freshman forward is continuing to progress and impress
  • 3:05– J.D. Notae attacks the rim and creates his own shot, something that has been lacking from this Arkansas offense
  • 3:36- Justin Smith knocks down the mid range shot, if he can add this to his game our offense would become much more threatening
  • 3:53- One of the better drive and dish plays we have seen from Devo Davis, expect more of this as his confidence increases
  • 4:45- If Vanover continues to shoot the long ball well there is not much the opposition can do to stop the 7’3 forward
  • 5:48- Vanover and Moody work to get a good look from beyond the arc, Vanover’s ability to pass could change this Hog offense
  • 6:25- Elite athleticism from Justin Smith paired with a nice pass from Desi Sill creates some momentum for the Razorbacks
  • 6:34-6:50- Hogs give up a quick 6-0 run with poor perimeter defense, Musselman needs to find a way to improve defensive rotation down the stretch
  • 6:57- Justin Smith, an 18% 3-point shooter, rattles on in from deep, again, if he is able to add this to his game the Razorbacks become much more of a threat with the ball
  • 7:20- Connor Vanover actually works the post and earns a tough bucket
  • 8:12- Not saying we should have called a timeout, but we need to get a better look than this
  • 8:35- We have seen this set before but it will never get old, great assist by Jalen Tate and another great dunk for Justin Smith
  • 8:57- Moses may have gotten away with an extra step but a great assist to get the easy bucket for the cutting Devo Davis
  • 9:04- Jalen Tate. This was an all-star play that resulted in one of the more questionable calls I have ever seen, Desi Sills clearly gets the rebound but they rule it to be Missouri’s basketball (reminiscent of Auburn football game)
  • 9:12- Another awesome play from Jalen Tate finished off by quick hands from Moses Moody to eventually secure a Razorback victory

Overall Take: This was a huge win for the Razorbacks on the road. Doesn’t matter if Missouri is missing a player. The Hogs overcame poor officiating and a road crowd to knock off 10th ranked Missouri. Arkansas will need to shore up their perimeter defense but some of that was intentional design of Eric Musselman to challenge a poor 3-point shooting team. The offense was very impressive in the first half and seems to be gaining confidence with each game. The Hogs have finally proved that they are a real threat and will look to continue that into the Florida game tonight.

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