Arkansas Film Room: Arkansas at Kentucky

A breakdown of the latest Hog victory with highlights from WarMachine2013!

Arkansas 81, Kentucky 80

  • 1:19 – Vanover started off hot in this one and established an inside presence, over the last couple of games we have seen Vanover spend more time under the rim
  • 1:31 – This really needs to be discussed, the Hogs were caught making strange traps inside of the arc that led to a handful of open threes and jump shots
  • 1:47 – Moses runs the baseline and rubs off the shoulder of Justin Smith for a nice corner three
  • 2:29-2:41 – This is the kind of scoring we have been missing, J.D. Notae takes the defender off the dribble to create his own three point shot two possessions in a row
  • 3:17 – Vance Jackson continues to impress in limited minutes, it will be interesting to see if his minutes improve as he continues to be efficient on the offensive end
  • 4:05 – Devo’s length continues to allow him to be efficient at the rim, look for his scoring to increase down the stretch of the season as his confidence does the same
  • 5:28 – Devo’s effort serves as momentum changer for the Hogs, he sneaks back into the play to cutoff the outlet pass finishes with an impressive dish to Justin Smith
  • 5:40-5:53 – Moses Moody strips it from fellow freshman B.J. Boston and the Hogs push the tempo, a great example of the Razorbacks aggressiveness in transition
  • 6:00 – Moses Moody with another crazy block and the hogs push it quickly down the floor, either a smart or out of control pass (depending on who you ask) leads to another transition layup
  • 7:18 – Another example of poor perimeter defense from the Hogs, J.D. Notae late to the spot and gives up an open three
  • 8:01 – Jalyin Williams contests Olivier Sarr’s corner three but he makes it anyways, this was a moment that just felt like it wasn’t going to be the Hog’s night
  • 8:15 – J.D. Notae and Jaylin Williams get cooked on a pick and roll, Arkansas will need to shore this up against teams that shoot the ball better
  • 8:45 – Olivier Sarr knocks down another three from the top of the key to bring the Wildcats within 3
  • 9:00-9:08 – The Wildcats make a pair of contested threes to take the lead with 12 seconds left
  • 9:12 – Musselman demonstrates his confidence in Devo Davis as he let the freshman guard attack instead of calling a timeout and setting up a play, this speaks to his confidence in Devo Davis but could also be a result of the Razorback’s struggles inbounding the basketball
  • 9:17 – Jalen Tate, at 6’6, grabs a rebound in the middle of an handful of taller Wildcats, effort plays like this are often the difference between a win and a loss in College Hoops
  • 9:25 – Read below:
  • 9:45 – Devo Davis with one of the most impressive plays of the season as he darts across the court to seal the game with a steal

Overall Take: The Hogs got Kentucky’s best game of the year and still came out with a big win. Chances are, with Kentucky’s improvement, that this matchup will count as a win for the Hogs Quad 1 record. Key play from Jalen Tate, Connor Vanover, Moses Moody, J.D. Notae, and Devo Davis illustrated the Razorback’s improved depth this season. This is arguably the Hogs best win of the season and great momentum going into a pair of key matchups against Missouri and Florida. If the Hogs can win one of the next two games they will be in prime position to make the Big Dance.

KenPom Breakdown: The Hogs moved up one spot in the KenPom rankings but this win should help anchor the Razorbacks in the top 30 barring back to back blowout losses.

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  1. Hogs didn’t Hog this time! If Desi can get things going we will be a tough team to beat in Nashville … Especially if we .. knock on wood .. get one of the coveted top 4 seed byes.

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