Razorback Dream Team Results

Written by: Jonah Rapert

So I guess Dusty Hannahs might be worth more than $1…. Got it.

If you are here now you probably understand how all of this works. On the off chance that you missed it, I shared a graphic with money values distributed across 30 former Razorbacks from the years 2010-2021. I also shared a graphic with six Arkansas coaches with money values as well.

You get $20 to build your Razorback Dream Team.

You pick 5 players and 1 coach.

Select players from Arkansas teams dating back to the 2010-2011roster.

A quick explanation on the Dusty Hannahs/Anton Beard situation: the columns were originally organized by position and Dusty played in more of a SG role during his time with the Razorbacks. This is why you see Ky Madden, Jalen Tate, and Anton Beard (that was a whole different issue) valued higher than Dusty Hannahs. At the end of the day this brought to light the lack of true PG’s that have played for Arkansas over the last decade. In retrospect I wish I would have gone back one more year to add Courtney Fortson to the list, but it really ended up making for good fun for everyone.

Over 100 fans supported Dusty’s response to being valued at $1

I have collected the data from the first 35 responses on Twitter and there are a few interesting takeaways to look at.

Players Receiving the Most Votes (% of fan rosters made)
Dusty Hannahs: 26 (74.2%)
Daniel Gafford: 22 (62.8%)
Moses Moody: 17 (48.5%)
Bobby Portis: 16 (45.7%)
Mason Jones: 14 (40.0%)

You can see that fans are attracted to players who score the ball at a high clip. Players that focused on the defensive end (Jalen Tate, Adrio Bailey, Moses Kingsley, etc.) fared far worse than offensive specialist. This is not to discredit the defensive ability of the above 5 players (most of which were excellent defenders) but it was undeniable that players who were known for defense alone did not receive votes equivalent to their contributions to the Razorbacks.

In terms of proportionate value (found by multiplying player votes by their assigned dollar values) certain players stood out.

Players Receiving the Most Money
Daniel Gafford: $88
Bobby Portis: $80
Mason Jones: $70
Moses Moody: $51
Daryl Macon: $35

Obviously some players were limited by their original assigned dollar value (Dusty Hannahs). With that being said it was Daniel Gafford, valued at $4, who brought in the most money. That could be due in part to recency bias, but Daniel Gafford is undeniably one of the best players to play for the Razorbacks in the 2000’s.

Arkansas fans should be happy to see a display of faith in Eric Musselman from the fanbase. The current Head Hog received 17 more votes than his predecessor Mike Anderson who was valued at the same price. Some opted for the discounted coaches at $1 with six teams selecting John Pelphrey and one team choosing Stan Heath to lead their squad. The majority of fans opted to pay the $6 to ride the Muss Bus (58% of all teams) with many “In Muss We Trust” tag lines.

There were a few lineups that Twitter users seemed to like the most:

@Pinto479: Musselman – Manny Watkins, Dusty Hannahs, Moses Moody, Daniel Gafford, Bobby Portis

@DJB_Lowe: Musselman – B.J. Young, Dusty Hannahs, Jimmy Whitt, Daniel Gafford, Bobby Portis

@JoshuaRushing: Pelphrey – Daryl Macon, Rotnei Clarke, Dusty Hannahs, Daniel Gafford, Bobby Portis

And the most formidable squad of them all:

@_TimMcGuire: 20 Trey Thompsons

I appreciate all the feedback from everyone and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. This interactive content (apart from being good for my website) is what makes being a Razorback fan great.

Leave any comments or suggestions below!

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