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Welcome to D1 College Hoops, a platform I created because Twitter got boring. Here you will find blogs on general college basketball news, SEC news, bracketology, betting plays, and miscellaneous information.

There are a lot of bad opinions out there and the same goes for this page. I hope you enjoy my cherry-picked stats from KenPom, bracketmatrix, and any other sources I can find to back up my takes.

Who’s Hot?

The Razorbacks have won their last 8 conference games. On Wednesday night they knocked off No. 6 Alabama by 15 points.

Who’s Not?

The Cavaliers have dropped their last three games. Including a 21 point loss to Florida State and a 7 point loss to NC State at home.

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Top 25 Power Rankings

Here are my 25 best teams in college basketball right now based on advanced metrics and how I view their current trajectory.

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